• Prepare the annual estimate of income and expenditure for submission to the Board of Trustees and the Body
    Corporate for approval and determination of levies
  • Review the estimate of expenditure monthly
  • Maintain full records of the administration, including proper books of account, in terms of normal accounting principals
  • Prepare monthly income and expenditure accounts and balance sheet, together with arrears’ report, for submission to the Board of Trustees
  • Prepare annual financial statements and arrange audit of same by an auditor nominated by the Body Corporate
  • Collect levies and/or any other income due to the Body Corporate as advised by the Trustees and the deposit of all such receipts into the Body Corporate bank account
  • Exercise reasonable credit control, being the work involved in the collection of arrears up to the point of commencement of litigation
  • Verify and pay, from available funds, all accounts payable by the Body Corporate
  • Pay salaries, wages, Unemployment Insurance Fund and Workmen’s Compensation, PAYE and Regional Services levies, etc