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Many companies that offer management services are real estate companies that focus on selling property and have “added on” a management division. Attlee Agency cc was specifically formed by Michael Lloyd Attlee in 1980 for the purpose of providing management services to Bodies Corporate, Share Block Companies and Home Owners Associations. Mr Attlee was part of a company at the time responsible for the development of Chartwell Centre and Hawaan View in Umhlanga Rocks. The one property was a sectional title development, whereas the other was a share block company. Both of these properties required management services and hence Attlee Agency cc was formed as a separate entity to administer the affairs of the share block company and body corporate. Subsequently, the management of Home Owners Associations has been added to their portfolio.

Since then Attlee Agency has grown to become one of the most respected property administrators in the Umhlanga Rocks and surrounding area with a very successful track record. Attlee Agency has expanded steadily to the point where the company administers many bodies corporate and Home Owners Associations. The principles of integrity, honesty and openness are fundamental to the way Attlee Agency conducts its business and this has been recognised by clients and competitors alike.

Carol Robson joined the company 27 years ago in 1987 and ran the Pinetown branch. The branch office was merged with the Umhlanga office in 1988. Carol became the principal owner of Attlee Agency in 1990 when her father, Mike Attlee, passed away. The company has expanded steadily during the past 22 years, moving into its current larger premises in 2008. Carol runs the company very much in a “hands on” fashion, and takes pride in paying attention to detail, ensuring that her customers are satisfied. All the staff at Attlee Agency are committed to creating a happy office environment where employees love to work and clients are provided professional services with a ready smile.  Following changes in legislation and the companies act, Carol decided to change Attlee Agency from a CC to a (Pty) Ltd company in 2013.

Attlee Agency works hard at being an efficient company that is small enough to maintain a close relationship with our clients, but with the competency and talent needed to tackle all body corporate matters. Our senior staff members are experienced in all areas relating to body corporate management.

Attlee Agency views each client with the utmost respect and continues to provide the same unique, unchanging, personalised service year after year. Our one aim is to assist all the bodies corporate that we administer to operate 100% within the parameters of the Sectional Titles Act which is there for the benefit, safety and protection of the rights of every sectional title holder.

Attlee Agency provides services based on the following principles:

  • Each body corporate is administered by a single managing agent who deals with all aspects of the administration.
  • This means the client has one contact person who is responsible for the affairs of the body corporate.
  • Specific account queries may be passed on to accounts personnel but the managing agent monitors and assists the client regarding the overall state of the body corporate accounts.
  • Accounting records are tailored to suit clients needs and are always available and open to inspection by any member of the body corporate.
  • Trustees are constantly advised as to the constraints or course of action required in particular situations in accordance with the provisions of the Sectional Titles Act (Act 95 of 1986).
  • Managing Agents are available and accessible to all owners in the body corporate with a real open door policy.
  • Each body corporate has its own separate current and savings bank accounts and earns the interest on any funds for its own account. Interest is not shared equally amongst all bodies corporate and the detail for individual bodies corporate cannot be hidden in this single large fund.